Taking on the tough challenges - that is life!

 From point a to Point B

Rebuilding the engine and 4L60E transmission of a 1997 Chevy Express 2500 is the latest chapter '
4L60E Transmission​

305 SBC Engine

and now using the Rasberry Pi to interface and control each of these system!

 The app on Amazon and Play

The app is a starting point on how to get all the poo together and take it offline to the job..
Electro Mechanical systems....  yada yada...  so last millenium.  Yet, when I see so many games in the app sphere and I can not play with my toys; time to step up.


Parts Locating and Pricing

A challenge in many arenas is getting the stuff to do the job.
I have been through it in everything taken on, computers, cars, appliances...
Any thing that breaks is most likely going to need a part.
This is where the flypaper comes into the flight path and sticks you till your dying.
To overcome this; part numbers and their interchange is the key.
Zeroing in with a part number can put ya spot on!
One of my favorites is the flame trap hose for old volvos......   fun.

Common Problems and Solutions

Some of the better websites that I have found


  • failure of reaction shaft
  • fuel spider testing
  • OBD2 bluetooth
  • EGR tube replacement


Deriving enjoyment from challenges prepares you for happiness!