Diagnose, Repair and Rebuild

Transmissions are intimidating and complicated and often dictate the life end of a vehicle due to the cost of repair.    

I have always liked to tear things apart.  The first time I cracked open a transmission and little balls rolled out was a jolt.  Had I met my match?

A roadmap is a good thing to have and this  Schematic of components of the $L60E from a supplier, Cobra is the ticket. 

There are several really good youtube vids, I particulary like those from Transmission Bench because of the thoroughness.  

​This web effort  is a portion of my rebuild a Chevy Express 2500, top to bottom!  Look for the engine series soon.


Knowing what is wrong and the cause is step one.  In my case, having the trans out while working on the engine, proved to tempting to not look at the condition.  Glad I did.  Finding a shaft with a hairline crack would have bit me at a really worse time; I am certain.    



Youtube has become a wonderful resource for gaining knowledge from contributors.  Forums are in jeopardy for their usefulness.  

Functionality and Faults of major components

Reaction Shaft - General Motors Part Number 8681518
Stellar 77817-AFT

cracking in shaft has been detected in this part by ____ users.